If you've not had counselling before, you may be wondering what to expect.  If you've experienced other types of therapy in the past, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), person-centred counselling with Elephas will be a little different to that.

Before we meet, we will have a free of charge 15 minute chat on the telephone or Zoom (video call) to mutually decide if we could work together.

Usually we will meet or talk for 1 hour on a weekly basis at the same time; this will be your time.  If holidays or other important events clash on either side, we can work around that in advance, but I do have a policy for last minute cancellations.  You can end counselling at any time and will not be persuaded to attend a specific number of sessions.  I do recommend we have a planned ending session however, particularly if we've been working together for some time.

Each session is yours to bring whatever issues or subjects you want to explore and I will never persuade you to talk about something you don't feel ready for.   I will offer reflections which will help give you clarity or to see things differently and when I feel it would be helpful and appropriate, I will ask questions or invite you to consider other possibilities.  If I think you would benefit from specific expertise with your issue, I will signpost you to further or alternative help.   


How will counselling help you?  Most people find it extremely helpful and therapeutic to be able to talk to someone completely impartial, who will actively listen and seek to understand you without judgement; I find most clients are worried about burdening their family and friends with their problems.  I aim to build an honest and trusting relationship with my clients until they feel ready to face life without my help.  This therapeutic alliance is the key to healing. 


Counselling can sometimes feel very difficult at first, particularly if you're talking about things that you've kept hidden away, even from yourself for a long time.   That's why Elephas will take things at your pace until you feel strong enough to explore further.   

I can offer telephone or Zoom sessions and in person counselling.   Click here for ways to get in touch with me.  I will be very happy to hear from you.